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Satellite Shows

This year, we venture out to new venues and spots, playing more music from our repertoire as well as new favorites chosen by the RAM Players. The first one is RAM Trio Expo II, which is an updated edition of our May 2018 show, this time including The Red of Juli Lamasery by Chinese composer Mao Zhu, an honorable mention winner from our 2018 Call for Scores.

“RAM Trio Expo II” at Areté Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 7:00pm

Ivan Božičević: Shaken from a crane’s bill (2018 Call for Scores Winner) Gilbert Galindo: Microcosms  Katherine Hoover: Images Frances White: The arc of the bird Mao Zhu: The Red of Juli Lamasery (2018 Call for Scores Honorable Mention)

RAM Players Trio Thomas Piercy, clarinet Sabina Torosjan, violin Marija Ilic, piano

$15 at the door

Areté Venue and Gallery 67 West St., #103 Brooklyn, New York

More satellite programs to be announced!

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