Board of Directors

B. Allen Schulz (2009)

President Emeritus & Founder

Random Access Music & Queens New Music Festival 



David Fetherolf  (2012) 

Founder, Chair of the Board & Composer

G. Schirmer/Associated Music Publishers

Editor/Production Manager for Premiere Works

Kate Dillingham (2018)

Executive Director of Random Access Music and Queens New Music Festival  
Cellist, Producer

Board Members

Richard Allen  (2019)


American Corporate Benefits, Inc.

John C. Baker  (2019)

Owner & Founder

Affetto Recordings, LLC 


Charles Hagaman  (2019)

Audio Engineer

National Sawdust


Maki Hatae  (2018)

Senior Producer  

NHK General Bureau for America

Jennie Hirschfeld  (2018)


Art/Marketing Consultant

Daniel D. Olson  (2015)


Olson Tax & Financial Planning, LLC

Registered Investment Advisor

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