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Ram's Mission

Random Access Music (RAM) -- our mission is to cultivate, promote, produce, perform, and champion contemporary music that pushes boundaries and ignites artistic exploration. We strive to foster a vibrant community of composers and performers, encouraging collaboration and innovation. Through our diverse programming, educational initiatives, and accessible platforms, we aim to engage audiences, challenge preconceptions, and inspire a deeper appreciation for the power of new music. RAM is dedicated to creating an inclusive space where emerging and established artists can thrive, and where the transformative potential of music is celebrated and shared with the world.

Ram'S History

RAM began as solely a composers’ collective under the aegis of the Astoria Symphony in 2005 in order to give its member-composers performance opportunities with new music ensembles and individuals that hoped to share in a more collaborative creative process. Composers and musicians hoped for a process that was on-going, fully-engaged, and fruitful for both composer and performers. Encouraged by its growth over the next 3 years, RAM incorporated into its own 501(c)3 in 2009 and has been growing ever since. In 2012, RAM expanded its operations to produce the first ever Queens New Music Festival, presenting ensembles from around the country. In 2014, RAM formed the RAM Players, a roster of musicians dedicated to and seasoned in the music of RAM composers. RAM is an active composer-performer consortium presenting concert programs every season and the Queens New Music Festival. In the past RAM has collaborated with groups such as the the Anubis Saxophone Quartet, Kronos Quartet, Cadillac Moon Ensemble, loadbang, the Gotham Ensemble, Iktus Percussion, Quintet of the Americas, and Parthenia, among others; as well as individual performers as the Svrček-Ojeda piano duo, Hans Tammen, pianist Laura Barger, flutist Robert Dick, violinist Miranda Cuckson, and pianist Kathleen Supove.

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