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Thomas Piercy in Tokyo

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Friday, April 28, 2017, 7pm Tokyo Opera City, Omi Gakudo Hall

RAM player Thomas Piercy returns to Tokyo with “Tokyo To New York,” a series of concerts in collaboration with Japanese and US composers and performers. This Tokyo performance will be held at a Omi Gakudo concert hall and include a the world premiere of “Quintet,” a new chamber work for mixed ensemble, by RAM composer and artistic director, Guy Barash. This is the perfect opportunity to listen to contemporary music from Tokyo and New York.

Performers: Thomas Piercy (conductor, clarinet/bass clarinet, hichiriki, story-teller), Ryuta Iwase (Clarinet), Christopher Blasdel (Shakuhachi), Reison Kuroda (Shakuhachi), Yumiko Tanaka (Shamisen), Go Mochizuki (Mandolin), Makoto Aruga (percussionist), Mika Tamiya (soprano), Takashi Kimura (Story-teller), Michiyo Honma (harpsichord), Mandolin Quintet: Mamiya Takumi, Noda Madoka, Noda Kazuto, Ando Masato, Suzuki Kenta


Guy BARASH “Quintet” ※ W

David DEL TREDICI “Farewell” ※ J

Peter EOTVOS “Harakiri”

Tomo Hirayama “Small Mary image” ※ W

Yu Kuwabara “New Sextet” ※ W

Hifumi Shimoyama “Ice Fall No.2”

David Su “Innocent Sunrise”

Hiroaki Takaha “Mandolin · Clarinet Duo”

Atsushi Yoshinaka “Momotaro” ※ W

※ W: World premiere

※ J: Japan premiere

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