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Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

RAM’s friend and supporter, Gabrieal Lena Frank, started her academy in northern California a few years ago. She is dedicated to helping composers of all types in building a community of music lovers. Read about it and apply:

APPLICATIONS NOW ACCEPTED: Emerging composers are invited to apply for a spot to join the GLFCAM community in 2019! (Deadline: August 17th, 2018) Fellowships at the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music entail short-term residencies in beautiful Boonville, CA on my two farms and sister cities (Berkeley, CA; Gil, MA at Antenna Cloud Farm; and Baltimore, MD). Receiving a reading of their works in progress in their first residency, composer fellows in each “cycle” then have several months to finish their works for a public premiere in the second residency. Faculty are committed to mentorship and close bonds are formed between all. Equally important are nourishing our souls with food we cook (and have often picked), a beautiful landscape, laughter (required), and outreach in the local rural community of Boonville.

Scholarships are offered to all who demonstrate need and in 2018, the GLFCAM averaged 75% aid plus travel assistance.

We are also open to a great variety of aesthetics including those who do not come from a “classical” background!

Upon completion of the program, GLFCAMers subsequently join an active and supportive alumni network. Beginning in 2019, alumni are eligible for GLFCAM grants to dream up music projects and work with one another, within and across their cycles. All alumni are also automatically considered for commissions with professional musicians and organizations (At least nine commissions will be signed by the end of 2018), and are also considered for a new two-year orchestra reading/commission apprenticeship that begins in 2019 (Details to be announced soon.)

The new cycles are: • Cycle 8: Mallets and Strings (Sasha Callahan, violin; Leo Eguchi, cello; Chris Froh and Haruka Fujii, percussion) January/September • Cycle 9: Just a Trio (Michi Wiancko, violin; Melissa Reardon, viola; Raman Ramakrishnan, cello) February/October • Cycle 10: Art Song (Jessica Rivera, soprano; Matthew Worth, baritone; and Molly Morkoski, piano) April/September • Cycle 11: A Bard Meets a Guitar (Studios of Tony Arnold and Manuel Barrueco) November/April 2020

DEADLINE: Applications close Friday, August 17th, 2018

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