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  • What does “commercially published” mean?
    A work is considered commercially published when it has been published and disseminated to the mass market by a corporation whose business is to do so. If you are “self published” your work is not commercially published. Even if you use an entity such as MY SCORE or Sibeliusmusic your work is not considered commercially published. If your work is published and disseminated by a music publishing house it is considered commercially published.
  • Am I supposed to name my files “mypseudonym_RAM…”?
    You need to choose a pseudonym, such as Aardvark, to mark your score with; then you’d name your particular files “Aardvark_RAM…”.
  • I have a work for piccolo, bagpipes, and marimba; can I arrange it for this call?"
    We tend to discourage arrangements of existing works and prefer music written for the ensemble presenting, but there’s no rule against it.
  • Can I write just for the flute and violin?
    No. The work must be for the ensemble, as stated in the call.
  • I can’t finish my work by the deadline. Can I send it in on the next day?
    No. The deadline is final.
  • I have a work that is mostly improvised and doesn’t have an actual score. Can I still submit that?
    If it’s a non-traditional score, such as a set of instructions for the players, graphic notation, etc., yes. If it’s a sheet of paper which says, “play for 10 minutes”, no.
  • My work is mostly improvised and all I have to submit is a recording of a live performance, may I submit that?"
    I’m sorry, that’s not appropriate for this call.
  • Can people who don’t live in America apply?
    Most certainly. There are no geographic requirements and we’ve had winners from other continents in the past.
  • I have an appropriate piece, but it was written before your cutoff date. Can I submit it?"
    You cannot submit it for this call, but we may accept it for future programming consideration.

If you have other questions please address them to “

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